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What I've noticed is not only in the military, but in the first responders community, that when you reach out your hand to help one of them, they almost always grab your hand with only one of theirs, because they're using their other hand to reach behind them and pull up somebody else with them.

-Taya Kyle
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Palatine Bar and Restaurant Workers Relief Fund

With the Palatine Bar and Restaurant Workers Relief Fund coming to a close, the Palatine Police and Fire Benevolent Association would like to thank everyone for their generous donations.  When this fundraiser began, we had hoped to raise a few thousand dollars to donate towards as many Palatine restaurant workers as possible.  In a span of 4 weeks, over $12,000 was donated towards this effort.  The PPFBA has distributed over 100 grocery store gift cards to families in need.  This dollar amount well exceeded our expectations, and could not have been accomplished without the generosity of our community.

The PPFBA Executive Board would like to thank a few people for their outstanding contributions towards this fundraiser.  Retired Palatine Fire Department Battalion Chief Scott Ohlrich approached the PPFBA inquiring if there was a way we could help some of the restaurant workers in Palatine that has been furloughed during the pandemic.  After discussing a few ideas, it was decided to dedicate $2,000 to aid Palatine restaurant workers.  Restaurants were selected randomly, and the gift cards were distributed throughout Palatine.

Fremd high school student Rachel Saladin was thinking of ways to help her community through this difficult time.  Rachel had intended to hold a fundraiser that would help provide meals to first responders in Palatine.  Rachel contacted Fire Chief Scott Andersen, who had a different proposal.  Chief Andersen informed her that the fire department is doing well, and consider ourselves blessed to have jobs during such uncertain times.  He directed her efforts towards the PPFBA, who had just begun to distribute grocery store gift cards to restaurant workers who had been laid off during the pandemic.  Within several days, The Palatine Bar and Restaurant Workers Relief Fund was created and launched on May 8th.  Rachel designed the fundraiser banner, organized the list of eligible restaurants, arranged for the lottery pull, and expanded the PPFBA’s social media presence through Twitter and Instagram.

The Palatine Police and Fire Benevolent Association would like to acknowledge Scott Ohlrich and Rachel Saladin for their outstanding contributions towards this fundraising effort.  This initiative would not have been such a success without their input and tireless effort.

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